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Adding Value, Durability and a Great Look

Adding Value, Durability and a Great Look

Hardwood floors are one of the amenities that home buyers often look for when buying a house. Besides being easy to clean, durable and looking great, hardwood floors can give a great return on investment. When done right, new hardwood floors can add up to 2.5% to the sale price.

Here are some advantages of hardwood flooring:

Easy Maintenance
Hardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes that are more than 100 years old can still have the original flooring if they have been cared for properly. They just need sweeping or vacuuming and an occasional cleaning with a wood floor cleaner.

Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for homes with hardwood floors. Also, homes with hardwood floors tend to sell faster than homes with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Many Styles Available
Hardwood flooring works with all styles of decorating, from traditional to modern. It is available in several types of woods, such as oak, cherry, and walnut, and can be sanded and stained to suit the home owner’s taste. When your style changes, you also can change the look of your hardwood floors.