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Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Hello, my name is Rick Blum. I am the owner and founder of Blum’s Wood Floors. I started my business back in August of 1989. I started out on my own, gradually growing my business through the years until I had many employees and trucks out serving much of the Madison area each day. About 10 years ago I choose to scale back so I could focus on doing what I love - refinishing beautiful flooring, and teaching my sons the trade my father taught me. I find this much more rewarding than managing a big business. Today the three of us (Josh, Beau, and me) are personally on every job site. We do it for the personal satisfaction for seeing aged floors come back to life, restoring the wear and damage into fresh and authenic beauty. About half of our business comes from referrals, the other half from our customer's who have us follow them from home to home.   

Floor sanding and finishing has almost been a life long, family trade for me. As I mentioned, my father did wood floors, raising 10 kids in the process. I was his work partner and learned the trade. It was not so much by choice for me as a child, as it's hard work. Today though, I truly enjoy restoring wood floors for the satisfaction of capturing its unique character - knowing it's held deeply within, and then released for each homeowner as a job well done. 

To this day, I am still amazed at what we can do to a wood floor. Whether it is restoring the beauty of an old, beaten, worn out floor or sanding and finishing your new floors the way you would like. It is a great job, one which gives such a great sense of accomplishment. I feel truly blessed, I get to do what I love, and work with who I love, every day.