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Hardwood Floors Can Last a Lifetime

Hardwood Floors Can Last a Lifetime

With a re-sanding from time to time, properly maintained hardwood floors can last a lifetime, but there may come a time where you may need repairs. Repairs may include; water damages, remodeling, normal wear and tear, stains, etc.

Water damage - If water is spilled on your wood floors be sure to wipe it up quickly. 

Other damage - Damage on your hardwood floors caused by furniture, sun, dropped objects, and remodeling related damages can't always be avoided, or the damage caused by the daily wear and tear caused by your pets, children, high heeled shoes etc.

Blum's Hardwood Floors can restore the luster and shine in your damaged floor, using a variety of techniques depending on your floor damage, from sanding and filling, to replacing sections or individual planks. With 30 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied Madison hardwood flooring customers, Blum's Hardwood Floors makes us the best choice for all your Madison hardwood floor repair needs.