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Why You Leave It to the Professionals

Why You Leave It to the Professionals

If you have never worked with wood or with flooring in the past, you will need a deep and thorough search and study. A lot depend on how much knowledge and experience (In home improvement projects) you have, and how much time and patient you are willing to give to the project.

While trying to do the job yourself may seem like a good idea, we recommend you avoid doing it yourself and contact us at Blum's Hardwood Floors. Too often we see people who spent so much more time and money than they would of spend if they hired a contractor in the first place.

Here are just a few reasons to hire a professional hardwood floor installer:

Keep the manufacturer’s warranty intact – Whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring, most major manufacturers’ warranties exclude damage or defects caused by improper installation.

Proper installation technique – Different types of wood flooring require different installation methods. Professional installers have the expertise to which method is best for your type of flooring.

They have the right tools for the job – Installing hardwood floors requires several special tools, like adhesives and saws. A professional installer will have his or her own tools, so you don’t have to buy them.

Pay for only the materials you need – Professional hardwood flooring installers will take accurate measurements and estimate how much underlayment, adhesive, quarter-round, and flooring is required for your space.

Experience and expertise – Hardwood flooring installation requires a clean, level subfloor. Even if your new floors will be laid over concrete, vinyl, or an existing wood floor, a professional installer will know how to prepare the surface.

Protect your investment – A professional hardwood flooring installer will minimize damage to your home and the flooring itself, reduce wasted, avoid gaps and improperly aligned planks.

Acclimate the wood flooring planks – Your hardwood flooring will expand and contract as it adjusts to your home’s temperature and humidity. If this happens after the flooring is installed, you’ll be left with large gaps between the planks. A professional installer will open the boxes of hardwood flooring planks four or five days before installation, and allow them to get used to the conditions in your home.