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Keep Your Floors Looking Beautiful

Keep Your Floors Looking Beautiful

There are many things you can do, and some you shouldn’t do, in order to maintain and preserve your wood floor in good condition. Below are some tips to follow that will help maintain your hardwood floors.

Things To Do:
     - Quickly mop and dry any liquid that spilled on the wood floor
     - Clean your wood floor regularly
     - Check our FAQs page or contact us for recommended cleaning tips 
     - Use rugs at entrances and high traffic areas
     - Use pads below furniture
     - To avoid scratches trim pets nails

Things You Shouldn’t Do:
     - Never use Ammonia or Ammonia products to clean your wood floor.
     - Do not walk on floor with shoes that can damage the floor like high heels.
     - Do not apply products which are not recommended for your wood floor.
     - Do not use a lot of water to clean the floor or allow water to stand.
     - Do not drag furniture’s and other objects across the floor.